Scuba diving sport is becoming very popular that many centers and programs are offering scuba diving certifications in the recent years. It is said that in the United States alone, there are 2,000 scuba dive centers that have opened. With this many centers coming up, the first thing that you have to do if you want to join the program is to check out these different centers and see which of them would suit best for you.


There is one certification called the open water diver certification. The age requirement of this type of certification is you have to be at least 15 years old to get the certification. Many of these open water certifications would allow you to dive alone by yourself without the presence of an instructor, given the charter does not make it compulsory. For people between ages 10 to 15, a Junior Open water Diver certification is also available. Just take note that before you can get this certification, all centers would require you to be of good health. Some centers may even ask for a medical certification from you before you can enroll in a certification program. You are also required to know how to swim at least a bit even if not that good. Other requirements would be you should be able to swim 200 yards using any stroke, and also be able to tread or float on water for around 10 minutes.


Technical background knowledge and practical skills in scuba diving can be taught in several scuba dive centers, although not all of them can be trusted. And so, it is advisable that you research first before you register in a certain program. If you are travelling often, consider an agency that offers and internationally recognized certification card so will have the most fun and adventure in other places.


As mentioned, there are several scuba diving certifications from Scuba Diving Classes NJ centers, and some of them are the most popular and biggest. These are the organizations that have the best scuba courses and as well as training instructors. The training method, duration and lessons and so on may vary though between them. For example, one may teach more technical lessons in a classroom than the others doing more on the outdoor sea. Therefore, the result of the training and course will actually rely on your efforts and your particular instructor.



It usually takes about two to three months in order to get a full certification, and this would cost you around $175 to $250 including books, tables, rental equipment, and others. You can dive from 60 to 100 feet below surface if you have the basic diving certification and a depth of 130 feet below the surface if you have an advanced scuba diving certification from Scuba Diving Lessons NJ.